ALS Scan gallery : Blue Angel with the speculum & huge dildo

Blue Angel is wearing a sexy white top with dito white tights. She wraps her legs behind her cute head and works a huge pink vibrator deep into her tight juicy pussy. Blue Angel grabs the speculum and cranks her wet pussy wide open so we can get a good look deep inside……. another hot free ALS Scan model gallery with Blue Angel ! » show gallery «

ALS Scan gallery : Blue Angel using the pussy spreaders

Blue Angel is wearing a pair of tight, sexy blue pants that highlight her cameltoe and a matching hot top. She spreads and gapes her shaved pussy wide with the purple pussy spreaders so we can get a good look deep inside…… another hot free ALS Scan model gallery with Blue Angel ! » show gallery «

ALS Scan gallery : Blue Angel plays with a huge purple dildo

Blue Angel takes off her skirt and pulls down her shirt revealing her pink shaved pussy and extremely puffy nipples. She is then handed a large purple dildo that she inserts deep inside of her tight pussy ! …… another hot free ALS Scan model gallery with Blue Angel ! » show gallery «

ALS Scan gallery : Blue Angel plays with a red and a blue vibrator

Blue Angel will show ALSScan just how much her well trained and shaved pussy can handle as she inserts a red AND a blue vibrator at the same time in her tight snatch ! …… another hot free ALS Scan model gallery with Blue Angel ! » show gallery «

ALS Model Biography : Blue Angel

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About Blue Angel

Blue Angel (born 1988, June 21), also known as Odette, Vivien Piaf, Angelica , Vivien or Viva Style, is a well known Hungarian porn star and nude model. She has been practising gymnastics since the age of six (which you can see in her galleries here !)

Blue Angel’s facts & numbers

Also known as : Angel, Angelica, Beatrice, Viva Style, Vivien, Vivien Piaf
Birthdate : June 21, 1988
Birthplace : Hungary

Eye Color :
Hair Color : Blond
Height : 168 cm – 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight : 101 lbs (46 kg)
Body type : Slim / Slender
Measurements : 32A-23-35

Orientation : Bi-sexual



Blue Angel at ALS Scan

Blue Angel is 20 years old, 5’6″ (168 cm) tall, and weighs just 101 lbs (46Kg). Her body is really tight (what we mean by this is that her skin is not soft and squishy; it is really firm and hard). She has the puffiest tits that we have seen since ALS model Noel and ALS talked to her about this. Blue Angel said that she hates her tiny tits and wishes that they were just more normal. ALS told her that she was crazy and that they are some of the best tits they had seen in years – she should be proud of them. She started having sex at the age of 15, but has been shaving her tight pussy ever since she started growing hair. Blue Angel likes to listen to hip-hop, hang out with friends, and go dancing.

Her fantasy is to have sex on the beach with two men at the same time in public. Now ALSSCAN hears this similar fantasy all the time so they asked her about it. Fact is, she said, when a girl is on the beach wearing practically nothing at all with the warm sun getting her all hot and juicy, that is a time when sex is constantly on their mind. So guys, just think about that. You may see a girl sitting on the beach reading a book or just getting some sun but they are just like men in that chances are they are thinking about fucking, too.

Blue Angel is one of those models that as soon as she walked through the door at the casting, the ALS Scan crew immediately knew they had to shoot her. Then when she took her clothes off and they saw her puffy tits and plump pussy lips, not only did they want to just shoot her, they wanted to get as much material of her as possible during their trip. Well, ALS has shot a ton of pictures and video of this honey and they are extremely happy with the results. You might have seen pictures of her elsewhere, but we think you will agree that nobody has ever captured her true beauty and personality like ALS was able to do. These were some great shoots. Admittedly, ALS is not crazy about her stage name of Blue Angel but what are you going to do. They try not to reassign different names to the models because by keeping the name that she normally uses, it allows members to better search around for her other work. ALS wants you to see her other work also so you can better appreciate what they shot !

Blue Angel is a rather outgoing girl and she loves to draw the attention of men. Notice that blue top she is wearing in the Promo, Set #5 (see members area). ALSScan asked her if that was something that she would wear in public and she said absolutely, in fact she will purposely lean forward to expose her small tits and check out the reactions of men. She also will regularly wear tight, camel toe showing tight pants in public like the ones that you see in Promo Sets #4 and #6 of ALSScan’s members area. In fact, she arrived to one of the shoots wearing that exact same outfit that ALS shot her wearing in Promo Scene #6. Blue Angel is amazing on video as well.

Blue Angel’s videos at ALS Scan

Current HIGH QUALITY videos of Blue Angel at ALS Scan members area :

Video Type: Photoshoot | Length: 16:23

Naughty Blue Angel is sitting on her couch listening to music when we come in for this extra sexy photoshoot! Watch this horny girl take her clothes off and reveal her puffy tits and pink tight pussy. Blue Angel then stuffs her panties deep inside her wet pussy with a nice, slow pullout. She then shows us just how much her tight pussy can handle as she inserts 2 vibrators at the same time!

Video Type: Photoshoot | Length: 21:31

Naughty Blue Angel is watering her plants wearing a sexy white skirt and a dito red top. She takes off her skirt and pulls down her shirt revealing her pink tight pussy and extremely puffy nipples. Blue Angel takes the watering can and inserts it inside of her tight pussy. She is then handed a large purple vibrator that she inserts deep inside of her shaved pussy!

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 20:23

Beautiful Blue Angel is out in her back yard catching some sun when she decides that all she wants to do is make herself cum! Naughty Blue Angel takes her ALS Bikini off and begins to pour baby oil all over her body to make herself glisten in the sun. She then pulls out her vibrator and fucks her wet pussy hard with it until she cums!

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 17:55

This hottie starts the scene by rubbing down her sexy and wet body with oil. The sauna heat makes her hard puffy nipples so swollen. Blue Angel gets on her knees and rams her fingers into her wet tight pussy and then takes a glass dildo to her gaping hole and fucks it until she cums. She fingers her shaven pussy and clit and cums again. Hot action!

Video Type: Photoshoot | Length: 25:23

Blue Angel begins this sexy photoset by standing on the stairs smoking and showing of her wonderful camel toe! She then takes her clothes off and poses for the camera from all different angles showing the camera her sexy body and nice pink pussy! She then inserts a huge dildo deep inside of her tight pussy… this girl takes the whole thing!! Then Blue Angel opens her steaming pussy nice and wide for us with the spreaders!

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 17:32

Blue Angel starts this masturbation scene by rubbing on her hard clit and inserting her fingers deep inside of her tight pussy. She takes a break to rub her entire body down with baby oil, which makes her beautiful body glisten. Blue Angel then grabs for a purple vibrator that she uses to fuck herself in different positions until she cums! Watch her enjoy a post-orgasm cigarette to wrap the scene up!

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 20:18

Blue Angel is in the shower wearing a sexy ALS Micro Bikini. She gets her body glistening and wet in the shower, then she uses the showerhead to stimulate her clit. Next, Blue Angel covers her body with baby oil and starts to rub her clit and finger her tight pussy until its nice and juicy before she gets two vibrators to fuck her wet pussy with until she cums. Hot!

Video Type: Photoshoot | Length: 33:31

Blue Angel is in her bedroom wearing a sexy white and pink top, and a pair of see through white pants that show off some awesome cameltoe! She pulls off her clothes to reveal her extremely puffy tits, and pink shaven pussy. Blue Angel gets in some very interesting positions as she gapes her tight pussy, and shows off her beautiful body. Blue Angel grabs for a dildo to insert it with a great pullout. She then inserts the speculum where we get a look deep inside of this hottie’s wet pussy!

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 25:30

We catch sexy Blue Angel out back of her house relaxing, and smoking a cigarette in the beginning of this sexy masturbation scene. Blue Angel begins this scene by taking off her clothes, rubbing her tits and spreading her shaved pussy for a little up close clit play!! She then begins to fuck herself with her fingers from the front, then from the doggy-style position. Blue Angel grabs for the abay oil and shines her sexy body up for the camera…she then grabs for a pink vibrator where she fucks herself from the front and back until she cums!


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