Meggan Mallone

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About Meggan

Also known as Meggan Powers. A former high school cheerleader, Meggan Mallone worked as a mainstream fashion model. Meggan Malone was discovered in September 2007 by a industry photographer by the name of Jason Self (aka Jay-Rock) who had been scouting for “fresh meat” on MySpace. Jason brought her in for some test shoots and was even able to secure her three covers for a magazine about photography. Her first cover listed her as Meggan A. Later there was some discussion about changing her name to Meggan Powers when this photographer brought Meggan to Los Angeles. During this visit to L.A., Meggan posed for photographers Steven Hicks and Earl Miller and met agent John Stevens, who showed her photos to Vivid director B. Skow. Vivid Entertainment signed Meggan Mallone to an exclusive one-year contract in January 2008.


Meggan’s facts & numbers

Birthdate : December 30, 1986
Birthplace : Houston, Texas, USA

Eye Color : Green
Hair Color : Light Brunette
Height : 5’8
Weight : 115 lbs
Body type : Slim / Slender

Zodiac Sign : Capricorn
Status : Single
Orientation : Bi


Meggan at ALS Scan

We are pleased to announce new ALS model Meggan Mallone. We just shot this 21 year-old supermodel and she blew us away. She has it all; the perfect smile, a totally hot sexy look, and she is not afraid to work her pussy ALS style. Meggan is a Texas girl who had always wanted bigger things in life than her small town could offer. She started doing nude adult work in Texas and actually did a couple of boy-girl videos in the beginning. Meggan was not fully comfortable with this at the time and felt that she wasn’t presenting herself in the best manner. Then Meggan got in touch with one of our California modeling agents and he started booking work for her immediately. We were one of the first to shoot her and we are so glad that we did.

Meggan loves to pose nude and she is totally confident with her body, just look how confident she looks in these sample shots below. She really got into the girl-girl sets with our assistant/model Austin, too. In case you cannot tell, Meggan enjoys sex with women as much as she does with men. Meggan is 5’8″ tall and she weighs 120 lbs (54kg). Her measurements are 36A-26-35 (91A-66-89). She is a free spirit, but is also very intelligent and knows what she wants in life. In fact, before she left for California she was a manager in a nice vegetarian restaurant. Meggan wants to save enough money from her modeling career so that she can go back to Texas and buy that restaurant someday and become the owner.

She started having sex when she as 15 years but did not go all the way until she was 17. It was around this time that she started shaving her pussy as well. Now she cannot get enough sex. Meggan enjoys swimming, dancing and painting (artist style). Her favorite music is Rock but she also listens to Hip Hop as well. We are certain that Meggan will be a huge hit on ALS Scan and we hope to work with her again in the near future.


Meggan’s videos at ALS Scan

Current HIGH QUALITY videos of Meggan Mallone (in HD resolution 1280×720 !) at the ALS Scan members area :

Video Type: Girl-Girl Action | Length: 15:27

Meggan Mallone and Austin wake up in the morning and decide to have a girl girl fuck session before work! They take their clothes off and Austin begins to eat Meggan’s pussy. Meggan wants more, so Austin fucks her pussy with a vibrator from the front, then in the doggie style position until she cums! It’s only fair that Meggan returns the favor! She flips Austin over and begins to fuck her pussy with a vibrator as she rubs on Austins clit with another vibrator. Once Austin gets off, the two girls grind on eachothers pussies until they both cum again!!!

Video Type: Photoshoot | Length: 23:31

Meggan and Austin are playing a game of air hockey. They stop playing and start to kiss each other. Austin then goes to get her strap-on and Meggan gets into some great poses for us. Meggan then gets on her knees for Austin and they give us some great poses and a pullout.

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 19:01

Sweet Meggan Mallone and Austin are getting their drink on and playing cards with the crew. After a few hands, Meggan has lost all her clothes and is getting horny. She warms up by rubbing her pussy, then continues to finger her hot hole and play with her clit. Next, Meggan gets a big vibrator to use on her clit until she cums. Fully satisfied, Meggan hops right back into the game with Austin ready for more action!



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