Faye Reagan

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About Faye

Also known as Faye Valentine. Faye is absolutely the hottest young redhead in porn. Freckle-faced and fabulous! This gorgeous redhead may consider herself an “average Jill”, but we know that Faye is really something special… Considering she’s only been active since late 2007, she already has a impressive track record….


Faye’s facts & numbers

Birthdate : September 19, 1988
Birthplace : Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.

Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color : Red
Height : 5’6 (167 cm)
Weight : 110 lbs (50Kg)
Measurements : 34C-28-36
Body type : Slim / Slender

Zodiac Sign : Virgo
Status : Single
Orientation : Bi


Faye at ALS Scan

We have been looking for the perfect red-head and here she is: Faye Reagan. Like most true red-heads, Faye has lots of sexy freckles, and as you can see from the samples below, she also has the most amazing breasts. They are large, firm, and quite puffy; probably because her breasts are still growing she told us. The interesting thing is that even after seeing how incredible her tits are, Faye says she is not happy with them because she hates the fact that they are so puffy. We told her this was one of her best features and that she should love it. Truly puffy tits are not that common, and as such it is really a special and wonderful thing when a model has them. After listening to us gloat all day over her tits, we think she now understands and has a new appreciation for her fabulous breasts.

Faye just turned 19. She is 5’6″ (167cm) tall and she weighs 110 lbs (50Kg). We had a great time at the shoot; Faye was open to anything and was so pleasant to work with. You will really see her personality shine on video. One of her burning fantasies is to seduce a cop. Faye imagines getting pulled over by a policeman, she would already have her shirt and bra off as the cop walks up to the car. She told us that it would be so exciting that she would probably orgasm as soon as the cop touched her; however, Faye has not done this yet because it is so risky. It is one of those things that once she does it, she will either have sex with the cop or go to jail. There is probably no in-between. This is not just a passing fantasy for her but a driving force that she must and will do someday. We told her to call us and let us know how it goes.

For being such a sexual girl it is surprising to know that Faye just recently started having sex. She did not have sex (even give a blowjob) until she turned 18. We asked her why she waited so long and she told us that she was just so involved with school and getting good grades that she never really had the time for the right boyfriend.

Faye started shaving her pussy when she was 13 because it was the normal thing to do. She told us that she was raised to think that shaving her pussy is the same as shaving under her arms. It is just something that most girls now do as part of their normal grooming process. Faye mainly listens to classic rock and heavy metal. Her measurements are 34C-28-36. What an amazing body this honey has – ENJOY!!


Faye’s videos at ALS Scan

Current HIGH QUALITY videos of HD quality (1280×720 !) of Faye Reagan at the ALS Scan members area :

Video Type: Photoshoot | Length: 17:50

Faye poses exercising in a hot black and white outfit. She knows she needs to stretch and contorts her body into some very sexy positions. She starts to stretch her pussy by attaching clamps and weights which pull her pussy lips to the max, but that isn’t enough so she takes Austin’s entire hand deep into her wet hole to get it stretched wide!

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 17:35

Faye Reagan shows us what her real workout consists of in this hot masturbation scene! Watch this honey stretch her muscles and her pussy getting herself ready for a hard ride on her sybian sex machine! Faye rides her sex machine until she has an intense orgasm! Watch how hard this machine gets this cutie off!

Video Type: Photoshoot | Length: 28:27

Faye is sitting on a step in the bathroom with an ALS Micro Bikini on. She starts to take off the bikini and get in to some great poses. Watch Faye cover her body in baby oil and love it. We then have Faye do the measurement test to find out how much her pussy can handle!

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 18:28

New ALS Model Faye Reagan is out in the bright sunlight and begins to pour baby oil all over her body. She starts to rub her pussy and insert her fingers deep inside. Faye then grabs for a pink vibrator that she uses to fuck her pussy and toy with her clit until she gets off!



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