Amber Rayne

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About Amber

Amber Rayne got into the industry about 5 years ago. She came to Los Angeles touring with a musical and when her contract expired Amber was pretty much stuck in LA. So Amber went to college and continued performing in mainstream, but became fed up with the people and the Hollywood BS. So she left and eventually figured she still wanted to perform, so Amber jumped ship and went to the adult industry. Amber’s fantasy is to get nailed hard while standing in the wings during a rock show while everyone is cheering. just left the skirt and go !


Amber’s facts & numbers

Birthdate : September 19, 1984
Birthplace : Detroit, MI, U.S.A.

Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color : Brown
Height : 160 cm – 5 feet and 3 inches
Weight : 50 kg – 110 lbs
Body type : Slim / Slender
Measurements : 32A-24-32

Status : Single
Orientation : Bi


Amber at ALS Scan

We are so happy to introduce Amber Rayne as an ALS Model. Sure you may have seen her before but you have never seen her like this!! You know that we usually do not shoot porn stars; however, if there is one that is absolutely amazing and still has that ALS look, we will make an exception. Amber Rayne is just one of those girls. What you will see here at ALS will arguably be the best solo girl work Amber Rayne has ever done – this is not just ALS saying this, it is what she said. We shot her doing lots of what she loves best – Anal and squirting.

The first video that we will be releasing from Amber will be a masturbation video where she squirted at least a quart of cum. It will blow you away and the video will end up becoming a Director’s Hottest Video Pick. In fact, all of her masturbation videos will probably end up being in the Director’s Videos section – they are that hot. The best thing of all is that we shot everything in True Hi-Def, and we will release it as such – not reduced quality versions like other sites do.

Amber even did two anal fistin’ sets for us. I could go on and on but you are better off just buying a membership and seeing for yourself. Amber is 22 years old, 5’3″ tall and she weighs 112 lbs. Her measurements are 32A-24-32. She has the best personality of any model we have ever shot. When Amber flew out here, her luggage got lost with all of her medicines, clothes, and personal items but that did not bother her a bit. Her attitude was 100% the entire day and she was a true pleasure to work with.

When she is not modeling Amber likes to bartend. She enjoys singing and playing guitar, surfing, dancing, playing soccer and softball, and reading comic books. She LOVES hockey and is an avid Sharks fan. But her favorite thing of all is anal. When she started having sex at the age of 16, it was not in her pussy; it was anal.

Amber did not have vaginal sex until she was 20 years old believe it or not (I know, hard to believe but this is what she told us and we believe her). Amber mainly listens to 80’s Hair Metal – her favorite being Motley Crue, but she also likes country and alternative music as well. We are sure you will enjoy the Amber Rayne ALS shoot as much as we did.


Amber’s videos at ALS Scan

Current HIGH QUALITY videos shot in High Definition (resolution 1280×720 !!) of Amber Rayne at the ALS Scan members area :

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 14:48

Amber is sitting at a table having a drink. She starts to rub her body and cover it with baby oil. Amber then gets a cucumber to fuck her pussy and ass with. Then Amber gets a pink vibrator to fuck her pussy with until she hits a squirting orgasm!

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 15:35

Amber is sitting in bed watching TV. Amber starts to rub and finger her pussy and ass. Amber then gets a dildo to fuck her pussy and ass with. Then Amber gets a vibrator for her clit and pussy while she continues to fuck herself with the dildo until she cums. Hot squirting action!

Video Type: Photoshoot | Length: 17:11

Sexy Amber Rayne is in her bedroom wearing a pair of striped high socks and a very short dress in this photoset. She takes off the dress and shows us how flexable she really is! She poses in positions that only a true gymnast could pull off! To top off her impressive performance, Amber takes female assistant Austin’s fist deep inside of her pussy! Great pullout!

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 18:25

Amber Rayne sits her camera down after filming Tori, to get herself off! Amber takes her clothes off and begins to rub and insert fingers deep inside her pussy. She then grabs for a blue and a pink vibrator where she fucks herself so hard she squirts her pussy juices everywhere! Amber Rayne doesn’t stop after the first orgasm, she proceeds to get herself off even harder for a second time!

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 14:01

We catch Amber Rayne sleeping in her bed sucking on her thumb when she wakes up to put on a amazing showe for us!! Amber Rayne kicks off the cover, takes her night clothes off, spits on her tits, and begins to rub her pussy! As she rubs her pussy, she begins to fist her own mouth. She spits all over her pussy to get it nice and wet, then begins to gape it wide for the camera. Amber inserts 4 fingers getting her pussy ready for a yellow vibe. Amber fucks her pussy with the yellow vibe, then rubs on her clit with a pink vibrator to get herself off hard!

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 14:25

Amber gets wet and wild in this masturbation scene. Watch her rub on her pussy while checking her email. Then she gets up and oils up her entire body, before ramming all of her fingers into her pussy to loosen up. Then she breaks out a huge glass dildo with large ridges. She uses it to fuck her wet pussy along with a pink vibrator pressed against her clit to cum and squirt everywhere. She also rams the glass dildo up her ass for some nice DP action. She keeps going and going, squirting multiple times until the chair is soaked. This girl is crazy, and loves to lick her toys clean!

Video Type: Photoshoot | Length: 23:22

Amber Rayne is on her bed wearing a sexy lingerie outfit to start off this hot photoset. Watch as she poses from many different angles showing off her pink pussy. She then spreads her pussy open wide with the spreaders, then flips around to fist her own ass!

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 17:49

We catch Amber Rayne in her living room reading a magazine when she decides to get herself off for the camera. Watch her play with her pussy and squirt her cum all over the place. Then she adds a silver vibe to get herself off even harder! Hot as shit!

Video Type: Photoshoot | Length: 22:13

We catch Amber Rayne at lunch getting ready to show off her hot body in this photoset. Watch her strip down to nothing, and rub her body down with baby oil. She then slides a cucumber deep inside of her pussy. Then watch her ram a squash deep indide of her ass! Hot!

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 22:49

Amber Rayne is in the bedroom playing with her pussy. Then she takes a blue vibrator and sticks it into her ass before using it to fuck her pussy. She feels so good she gets onto the floor and fucks her pussy wildly until she squirts cum all over the room, cumming three times! Fucking amazing!



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