Alexis Love

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About Alexis

Young and petite, Alexis Love has the world pretty much at her feet. Being just 19 years old, Alexis hasn’t been in the industry for long in fact she has only been in the industry since August 2006. But her short time in Porn has been an experience for her. She got into the business by following a friend on set. She said to herself and her friend “I can do that” AL. And boy can she!


Alexis’s facts & numbers

Also known as : Milena
Birthdate : April 07, 1987
Birthplace : Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.

Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color : Black
Height : 160 cm – 5 feet and 3 inches
Weight : 94 lbs (43 kg)
Body type : Slim / Slender
Measurements : 32B-25-32

Zodiac Sign : Aries
Orientation : Bi


Alexis at ALS Scan

We are happy to welcome Alexis Love to our growing list of top models. She has the perfect look for ALS. Alexis started nude modeling as soon as she turned 18 and had only done a few shoots before we shot her. In person, Alexis comes off as being shy but was very open to try anything that we could offer her. She is great to work with and we had a lot of fun at the shoot.

Even though Alexis is a tiny girl at 5’3″ tall and weighing only 94 lbs, her pussy could handle sizable objects. She said it was because she has been having sex for a few years now and she does enjoy a guy with a large cock. You all know we will take a model with a big flexible pussy any day over a model with a small, tight pussy. Before Alexis started nude modeling, she was working as a Walgreens intern in the Pharmacy department. She wants to go to college to study and become a Pharmacist – hence the nude modeling.

Alexis is a smart girl and she just wants to earn enough money to pay for her education. She really enjoys nude modeling and it seems like a perfect fit for her. Have a little fun, make some money, and then get serious about her future as a pharmacist. Alexis does not like to go out and party and prefers to just stay at home and read a good book.

When she does go out it is usually to the mall to do some shopping. Since she is not old enough to go out to the clubs yet, there are not too many other things to do at this point in her life. Alexis likes to listen to Hip-Hop and R&B. She was 15 years old when she started shaving her pussy and she started having sex around that same time as well. Her measurements are: 32B-25-32.


Alexis’s videos at ALS Scan

Current HIGH QUALITY videos of Alexis Love at the ALS Scan members area :

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 18:20

We catch Alexis asleep in bed and she wakes up to give us a show. She pulls on her panties and fingers her little clit until it gets her hot. Then she takes a dildo and fucks her pussy, adding in a yellow vibrator against her clit to cum hard. She licks her fingers clean after gaping her pussy and squeezes her plump tits to cool down after a hard masturbation scene.

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 21:59

We walk in on Alexis and she is talking on the phone; her conversation makes her horny so she decides to get herself all nice and juicy by stuffing her panties into her pussy and fingering her clit. She then uses a green vibrator to work her pussy and she cums with it pressed against her clit.

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 19:41

We catch Alexis Love warming up next to a fire. She takes off her pants to reveal her cameltoe. Alexis seductivly takes her clothes off and reaches for a lollipop that she uses to insert inside of her pussy and rub on her clit. The lollipop just is not enough for Alexis. She grabs for a purple ribbed vibrator and begins to rub it on her clit. She slides the vibrator inside of her pussy and fucks herself until she cums!

Video Type: Photoshoot | Length: 30:48

Alexis is just getting up and making here coffee. She gets hot from drinking the coffee and takes off here robe. She then gets an egg beater and sticks it in her pussy. She then poses with a cucumber then a banana in her pussy.

Video Type: Masturbation | Length: 23:25

Alexis Love is in the kitchen in the morning drinking coffee. She is wearing a long, purple robe, which she unties to reveal her beautiful body. Alexis gets right to business by fingering her clit back and forth. She grabs for a cucumber to fuck herself hard with, then hops up on the counter and pulls out a blue vibrator to ram up her pussy. She fucks her pussy and plays with the vibrator until she cums!



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